Day 3: Visiting Colegio Malvar

After spending the past two days with their families, students visited Colegio Malvar today. While they had to wake up early, which was especially hard for those still struggling with jet lag, the school started at 9 am rather than 8 am.

SPA students were greeted by the teachers and headmaster of Malvar in an assembly. Soon after it began, the Spanish students left for class since many have exams this week. A little fact students learned: Malvar is a charter school owned by the teachers, and as a bonus the teachers can alter the curriculum as it best suits their needs to teach their students more.

After the assembly, the students went on a tour of the very large school. They visited the gym, pool and preschool. Then, they enjoyed chocolate con churros with their exchange students!

For the rest of the school day, students attended classes with their exchange students. Then, they had free time for the rest of the day. Tomorrow morning, students leave for Sevilla.

– Nitya Thakkar

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