Day 7: Returning to Madrid

For most of us, this morning was a very confusing time. Many of us thought our train leaved at 12 and breakfast was after 9:30, when actually our train was at 10:45 and we needed to leave at 9:45. The seniors were also off having breakfast separately with Señor so that also added to the chaos. As you can guess, we did not end up leaving on time. We were rushing to the bus when we realized we left behind 2 students and 2 teachers, and then after they came we again noticed we were missing 3 more students. We reached the train station with enough time to get onto the train, but many of us were already wiped from the craziness of the morning.

The train ride was 3 and a half hours, and after we reached we headed to Colegio Malvar to meet our students after their classes were over. We waited for an hour in a Tapería next door.

Many of us are attending a barbecue at a Spanish students house. We are spending the rest of the weekend with our families.

– Nitya Thakkar


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