Los Olympicos

Because it is the week before Holy Week, this week is a cultural week and there are no classes. Since the Olympics are this year, the theme of this week is “The Olympics”, so today there were Track and Field and Baseball competitions. SPA students participated in a few events. Many people played baseball and a few people ran track or participated in field events. 

Today was our last day going to school with our exchange students. Tomorrow we go to Seville and return on Saturday afternoon. Because next week is Holy Week, they do not have school so we will just be hanging out with them all week.

Junior Mary Grant played baseball on a team with Emilia Topp Johnson and some spanish kids against a team of spanish kids, junior Hannah Stanley and sophomore Ellie Findell.
The rules of spanish baseball are very confusing. There are five bases and to get some one out the ball just has to get to the pitcher before they get to the base.
Although the rules were so confusing everyone caught on quickly.
Both Emilia and Mary scored runs!
Most spanish students did not participate in any of the activities, instead they cheered their classmates on.
The track events were very disorganized, so I couldn’t tell if any SPA students participated.
Emilia and Mary’s team beat Ellie and Hannah’s team 9-1
Sophomore Jak Kinsella tried long jumping.
We meet some very nice cheerleaders that took a few other girls and I around to meet all the boys. We felt like they were the plastics and we were Cady Herron from Mean Girls a little bit. They were a lot of fun, they even tried to teach us how to dance!

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