Day 5: Exploring Sevilla

The busy day started at 10 am for us today after we were treated to a big breakfast in our hotel. First, we walked to Real Alcázar de Sevilla, which was a palace built by Moorish Muslim kings before the 14th century. We were able to see many rooms filled with beautifully decorated tiles and large paintings. Also, we were given free time to explore the large gardens in the palace. Many of us were able to see peacocks in the garden.

Afterwards, we went to Sevilla Cathedral where we had the opportunity, if individually desired, to enter and look around the Cathedral. We also went up to the top bell tower to take in the breathtaking view on the 30th floor and listen to the bells ring at 1 pm.

We were given free time after the cathedral to eat lunch wherever we wanted. Then, we were given 1-hour intervals of free time in many smaller cities to explore. We returned back to the hotel at 7 pm, and then we were given the freedom to eat dinner where we wanted. We returned to our rooms at 10 pm, ready to sleep after a long day of walking. Tomorrow we will leave the hotel at 8:30 am for Ronda!

– Nitya Thakkar

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