Day 4: Arrival in Sevilla

After waking up at school time and heading to Colegio Malvar with our exchange students, we steadily traveled to Sevilla. First, we took a bus from the school to the train station.

Before arriving in Sevilla, our 2 hour train ride was full of chatter and excitement. While waiting at the station, students enjoyed jamón ibérica (Iberian ham). Once at Hotel Murillo, we immediately went out as a group to explore the history, architecture and culture of Sevilla. Señor Castellanos was our tour guide while Señora Starkey and Señor Daniels chimed in as well. Near the Guadalquivir River, students took walking breaks to dangle their feet over the chilly river water. The landscape was exquisitely scenic and filled with the hallmark colors of Spain: yellow and red. We also had time to buy chocolate con churros, our second day eating the Spanish treat. During our trek around Sevilla, we spent time near the Guadalquivir River, el Parque de Maria Luisa, la Universidad de Sevilla which used to be the old Fabrica de Tabaco. Additionally, we visited the famous cathedral, which we will be going inside during our time in Sevilla. We walked for nearly four hours. To conclude our evening, we had dinner reservations nearby that served many delicious Spanish foods like flan, cooked tuna with peppers, calamari and pork. The day was fun-packed, and surely everyone will take time tonight to rest our tired feet.

-Mimi Geller

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